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Can There Still Be Mad Love 3
A soft smile spread over Harley's red smudged lips, she knew that she took on great risk to herself every time she tried to get close to her Joker, usually he was not one to just let her get close to him, to touch him like she was right now. It felt nice as he took one of her hands and placed a soft kiss onto the back of her hand. She knew at that moment that he truly did love her the way she loved him and more importantly that he had missed her when they had been part and that thought warmed and melted her heart.
"Yes puddin!...they are always jealous of us...of what we have!"
[The past - The road to mad love]
It had only been three weeks since Harleen Quinnzel had passed all of her long and grooling examinations at the highest standing university within Gotham city, the place that she called home. It had been three weeks since she had found that she had passed all of her exams and tests with flying colours with the highest of honours within all of her classes and was more than qualif
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Can There Still Be Mad Love 2
If she had been anyone else, Frost, one of his men, hell just some random person on the street, he would have just pushed them out of the window and watched them fall, knowing that the last thing they saw was his smile and the last thing they heard was his laugh, but she is not just anyone, she is his and that means he would never truly put her in any danger. He moves his body back as her hands rip his shirt as he knows she has had enough, pulling her back and holding her in his arms.
He begins to run his hand down the back of her head, running it down her hair trying to calm her down, he knew that it was a bit much, but it needed to be done, to remind her of her place, by his side and nowhere else, these new friends, where enemies and everything she done with them, should be forgotten as now they had a serious problem. The city was laughing at them, not laughing with them. Power was slipping through their fingers. Money was low and men where leaving them,
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Can There Still Be Mad Love
It was a beauiful night within Gotham city, the moon raised high within the blackness of the sky, not a soul was seen out on the streets. A soft smile spread over her red painted smudged lips as she tilted her head, her bar pressing against her right shoulder. Everything was just the same way that she had left it before the batman had taken her away from her Joker.
It had been a whole week since her puddin had come and gotten her out of her cage and brought her back home, to where the Bat was no where to be seen. Harley had spent most of the night causing trouble for anyone that came across her path. Finally she had enough and returned to the night club that was owned by her puddin. She had a few drinks and then got into her usual box and danced most of the night away.
Coming out of the box she grabbed her bat from behind the bar where she had left it blood on her bat as she went upstairs to the beautiful appartment she had lived with her puddin. She smiled and held her back behind her
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The Farm
He had been out traveling for what seemed like days now and to be as honest as possible he was lost and he had no idea how to get home. He had set out to make his mark on the world, but he didn’t truly plan it out. In this kingdom the towns and cities where so far apart that without a map you would get lost easily. This is what happened to him, he was lost and he had no idea where he was. Cutting through a dark forest he would come out the other side as his eyes widen as he finds what looks like to be an old run down farm of some sorts.
He hops over the fence with ease as he then walks across the field walking right up to the barn house. The house look like it had been empty for years. It looked like it was falling apart, the windows were smashed and when he knocks the door there was no answer. Again he tries and nothing happens as he shrugs and turns and walks to the barn. Pushing the door open and looking inside again he found nothing at all, the entire place was empty. He turn
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It was a hot crisp summer’s day. The sun was beaming down on the two travellers. They could feel the heat upon them and you could see it on their faces, the sun was roasting them alive, but they had to push on ahead. They had to keep going, nothing could stop them, nothing was permitted to delay them, not when they were so close. The pair on them had heard rumours of a place. A place where you could go and have fun, a place where they was no rules, where every day was a holiday.
After several more hours of travel through forests and on empty roads, they had found it, well what was left of it anyway. It was a old run down carnival. The entrance was built twenty foot tall in the shape of a donkeys face, with the jaw being the opening, but it was overgrown with bushes and weeds. Both of them ventured in through the entrance and they could that the entire carnival was in an even worse state. It appears as if something went horribly wrong. The place was trashed and it appears as if wh
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Blue Eye by ADA2 Blue Eye :iconada2:ADA2 0 0
Be Careful Who You Laugh At
Be Careful Who You Laugh At
She fell from the sky and crashed down into the earth, he body was aching she was in so much pain, lying there on her back she stared up at the heavens, she had been cast out, the others, the ones liked her grew tired of her treatment of humanity and they just got rid of her. They did not like the way she judged them, she never killed that was her one rule, maybe that is what caused this, instead of killing them she instead merely changed them, she robbed them of there bodies and gave them something more fitting.
The air was cold against her naked form as she would sit up, her hand goes to her head and she rubs it, pain shots up her body, they had taken away her immortality as well, "Well this is just fantastic." She would then stand up on shaky legs and look around, it was clear she had no idea where she is, she crashed down through trees and all sorts, she was stuck here in this forest and there seemed to be no way out. She moved forward and then she felt
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Faith In The Old Gods The Ending
She squirmed beneath the onslaught of pain tearing through her body. Everything felt different, she didn't even feel human anymore and that alone scared her, her clothing was shredded to pieces, littering the ground around her form. She didn't want to think, she didn't want to feel but she couldn't stop the transformation and she couldn't hide her panic. Finally she let out an agonizing cry that didn't sound even remotely human. Her body shook, the pain died away. She grew still as she fell to the ground for what felt like days, trying to understand, trying to feel one trace of humanity left in her. 
Slowly she shifted her head, her ears pulled back as she sniffed her paws. She smelt the sand, the stagnated air, and she could smell another creature that carried a different scent from her own. Her ears perked up at the sounds of slick claws moving over soft sand and stone. Her aching bones protested to her sharp jarring movement as she got to her feet, jumping around to see who had
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Faith In The Old Gods 5
She clamped her hands over her ears as the sorrow filled howl echoed through the halls. It went straight through her, it wasn't enough to simply cut out the sound, she could feel the vibrations bouncing off the walls coursing through her and causing her spine to shiver. Slowly she lowered her shaking hands, not wanting to frighten the beast into attacking. Come on think, she told herself, it wasn't a jackal before... it was something else. "What are you?" She asked.
You weren't the average size of a normal Jackal but bigger, your fur was matted and coloured in a midnight black just like your eyes that were of two great empty abysses that had swallowed up all the light in the room, supported on a small but agile frame of the Jackal.
She hadn't expected an answer from you, but a low whine escaped through your now elongated jaw. She ran her hand through her hair, trying to think, trying to make sense of what had just happened. She looked around, her torch shinning light on a tall and haun
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Fish Fingers by ADA2 Fish Fingers :iconada2:ADA2 0 0
Faith In The Old Gods 4
The door shifted loudly, revealing a catacomb of lost treasure. She dropped her tools. Words could not explain the bounty of gold that shimmered before her eyes. One by one, as if on cue, the torches sprung to life. The treasure was piled to the roof, golden coins dancing in the firelight, gold sculptures of all the Egyptian gods guarded the walls as silent protectors. Deep within her heart, masked almost entirely by the trill of discovering ancient treasure, a part of her recognized the danger it instilled to those who would seek to make it theirs and it was perhaps that, that enable her to hear running feet. She looked back up the corridor she came from, her eyes trying to adjust to the dim light, but something was there. It was a man as far as she could tell, but he was in pain. She didn't know what to do, her mind was racing. If it were another treasure hunter she would hide the gold, there was no way that she would hand it over. The only option was to make sure that he went the ot
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Faith In The Old Gods 3
He could tell as she took the lead that she had no more fear in her, she was no concerned, she wanted this badly now. He merely whistles lightly as they finally spilt up, his hand digging into his pockets as he pulls out a small pen knife. He knows that he should not do this, but he does it anyway. He sticks the knife into the wall and makes a small arrow, knowing the way to go back when he was done searching. The images on the walls, all the symbols did not make sense to him, but the marks on the wall, they scared them, he was scared of what the creature was and how it got in there. It looked to him to be from a dog or a similar creature, a wolf maybe, but how?
He continues forward, his eyes glancing down at sand as he stops and spots something most odd, kneeling downwards he pokes his hands into the sand and pulls out an old ripped shirt. His eyes narrow, this had to be at least five years out of fashion, maybe less. Did this mean people where here before. Pulling it out he looks at
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Faith In The Old Gods 2
Was it all just fate, just one big dish of randomness? That no one else has ever come this close to finding this place, and yet here they are, they have found what people have only dreamed off. People have searched there entire life's for this place and they have found it. Yet they stand there in the entrance, there is sign that this place has seen the footsteps off others, but where are they now, what happened to them, they is of course only one way you can answer that question.
"Ladies first….."
Simple, let the woman take the lead. He merely takes several steps backwards. People have been here before that much is clear, maybe even recently, but what happened to them, well there is only one way they are going to find out, and it begins when the young woman takes her first steps into this wondrous place they have uncovered.
He merely watches as she enters before him, did he feel a little bit guilty for letting her go first? Maybe, but after all, she w
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Posing by ADA2 Posing :iconada2:ADA2 2 1 Sadness by ADA2 Sadness :iconada2:ADA2 0 0 Red Lips by ADA2 Red Lips :iconada2:ADA2 0 0


heya puddin!- in copics by nebezial heya puddin!- in copics :iconnebezial:nebezial 6,237 206
Mature content
The Crosswalk :iconmysteryman29:MysteryMan29 49 15
Arkham City - Chapter 1
Another crystallized droplet leafed out from the celestial overhanging, drifting down from its halcyon refuge until it passed into the putrid atmosphere of Arkham city. Drifting down, down and down until a blast of sulfur-scented embers roared from a chimney and instantly incinerated its existence. The dwarfed conflagration had spawned from the industrial-sized chimneys that continuously toked out pollutants, fire and billowing, black smoke; they belonged to the steel mill of the city. From the seemingly barren streets, criminals, thugs, murderers and rapists loomed around every corner as they waited for a potential victim. Almost every criminal in the city belonged to a "pack", staking territory out like a rival wolf tribes. Three main groups dominated the city – fighting for their right to claim the city as theirs.
The first group belonged to the infamous Cobblepot, more famously known as the Penguin. The man had a wretched attitude and an even more rancid history. Once Arkham a
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Mature content
Alone in the Bedroom (TG) :iconnothingimportant341:nothingimportant341 56 2
Take a Picture,
It'll Last Longer...
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Loud music reverberated through the entire neighborhood late on a Friday evening in spring. It was obnoxious, but no one was bothered enough to complain yet. It was just a group of kids being kids after all. 
"This has been the best night of my LIFE!" the usually nerdy Allen exclaimed, his voice overwhelmed with excitement. 
He was pumped to end this chapter of his life before having to prepare for what comes next.
"At your university there'll be parties like this every single month probably," replied Logan.
Logan wasn't actually sure if college was actually a party every week like he'd been lead to believe by the media, especially since high school was far more than the big sporting events and unstable relationships that the movies always seemed to portray.
"I can't believe where we are right now. Who'd of thought us normies would be invited to a party at Rachel's house!?" Al continued.
It was hard for the two to gra
:iconiis18:Iis18 15 1
Henry shielded his eyes from the lashing rain as it beat down upon him, his hand was stinging and numb from the cold onslaught, desperately he tried to keep his footing on the slippery cobblestones that lead down a steep road. Crowds of people were making their way to shelter as he battled through the elements, he was due to meet with his business partner Jason and was determined to make it no matter what the weather was like.
Finally he could make out the orange brickwork poking through a vine covered wall in the distance, passing through the narrow streets he wondered why Jason wanted to meet him at the stables instead of the main building, he didn’t really care though. It was more than six years since the business had been set up and both Henry and Jason were very proud of what they had achieved, unfortunately things had changed in the past few months.
Henry had wanted a meeting for weeks, he had tired of Jason's erratic decisions in the company and now he had the perf
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Mature content
Feast of Fools -- Commission for Vaughnblondetail :iconomnikitsune1:Omnikitsune1 1 0
Lady J by Juney-chan Lady J :iconjuney-chan:Juney-chan 18 0
Mature content
A Trip Like No Other :icondarkest-fantasy:Darkest-Fantasy 50 20
Harley x Joker: She moves in mysterious way-DIGIT. by SALLYandME
Mature content
Harley x Joker: She moves in mysterious way-DIGIT. :iconsallyandme:SALLYandME 30 9
Queen Lab's revenge by Rozdziawke
Mature content
Queen Lab's revenge :iconrozdziawke:Rozdziawke 182 9
Equestris by delasilverado
Mature content
Equestris :icondelasilverado:delasilverado 713 37
Mature content
A Pain In the Ass - Part I :iconmysteryman29:MysteryMan29 70 12
Pleasure Pasture, Part I
Friday afternoon…
The sound of a vibrating smartphone breaks the silence inside of the white Volkswagen Jetta.  The gorgeous blonde behind the wheel takes a French-manicured hand and reaches for the device that’s sending vibrations into her thigh where it rests.  She diverts her mesmerizing brown eyes from the road to address a text message from a girlfriend.
“I really wish you wouldn’t do that,” the younger blonde rebukes from the passenger seat.  
“It’s a bad habit and it’s dangerous.  Can you put the stupid phone down and leave it there, please?”
“Well aren’t you a goody two-shoes,” Emma replies, typing away. “Mommy’s little angel.”
Alice rolls her eyes and mumbles, “And you’re mommy’s little devil, for sure.”
“Whatever.  Guys don’t seem to mind me all that much.  In fact, they love me.  Don
:iconsrc4387:src4387 38 21
A Stupidly Expensive Collar (Doberman TF)
The last of the cardboard fell away, and with it, his expression.
“Aw, man…”
Travis had been hoping that the large and obnoxious box didn't contain what he barely remembered ordering last night, for reasons pertaining to animal welfare. He'd done a dumb thing then, sure, he'd had three too many and his iPhone had taken care of the rest – but he'd been confident that a dent in his bank account was the only consequence. Who would even try to sell a live animal on Ebay, let alone have it delivered by express mail?
Someone, apparently. The dog crate was a big, ugly one. The blue paint was flaking off its plastic sides, and the rusted wire gate at the front – the only source of ventilation – hung off its hinges. Travis couldn't see much of the inside, but… well, it was quiet. Much too quiet, if there was really a puppy in there.
Dead quiet.
With a gulp, he reached inside, careful not to let his shirt
:iconrapislash:Rapislash 29 16
Austin Aries by VertigoOKnight Austin Aries :iconvertigooknight:VertigoOKnight 1 0


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